About five or six hundred years ago, give or take a few years, some people were commissioned, which means paid, by the rulers of England to come to America.  Columbus did not “discover” America.  There were already millions of people living here.  And he was not the first to be paid to come here either. 


All the history books I’ve ever seen have made it seem like Columbus “discovered” America, and that the Native Americans who were here attacked them when they had come peaceably.  Which are blatant lies, to say the least.  The first ones who were commissioned to come here brought with them slaves from Africa, the West Indies, and probably wherever else they had stopped along the way.  When they got here, they saw new opportunities to make slaves of the current inhabitants.  But the Native Americans were not so easily enslaved, and there were many wars that ensued as a result.  There were many who were enslaved, and that can be ascertained from the fact that many now bear the last names of their former slave owners.  But with the emancipation proclamation, the Native Americans were freed also.  This is something else that nobody seems to ever talk about.


Since those days, the population of Europeans in America dramatically increased, particularly because of the influx of immigrants, and the large families that were prevalent in the past.  The Native Americans were forced to reside on small areas of land, which grew smaller as the decades passed, even though their populations increased.  All of the treaties that were made with the Native Americans were broken, and the invaders kept changing the rules of the game. 


Then the Native Americans were given sub-standard food, just as the slaves were, which made them physically weaker, and perhaps mentally weaker also.  This was just another way of trying to kill off as many as possible, while at the same time trying to appear as though they were helping.


Fast forward to the present…


Today we have so many laws that nobody knows them all, and were it not for books, they would never be able to recall them.  There are some recent laws that have been passed that have made it easy for the corporation that purports to own America to enslave everyone who calls themselves citizens of the United States of America.  We will get to that in a moment.


At this time, I would like to stress the fact that the United States of America is not a nation or a country.  It is a corporation inhabiting a land mass, and is owned by the Queen of England.  After stealing the land from the Native Americans, the Europeans who invaded incorporated, just like any other business, and have steadily taken over everything and everyone since that time.  You can look on any birth certificate of anyone born in the United States of America and you will clearly see the words “stock” and “chattel” (pronounced “cattle”) around the edges.  And that is what all US citizens are.  This is why you pay taxes (personal property taxes).  And you don’t own land even if you have a “warranty deed”, because the US government can take it away any time they please.  They call that “eminent domain”.  And this is why you pay property taxes, because it’s not actually your land.


Recently, the “healthcare reform” bill was passed into law (HR 3200).  In this law there is a stipulation that each person who is a US citizen must have a microchip in order to receive health care.  It doesn’t say the word “microchip”, but the meaning is inherent.  The microchip will be linked to your bank account so that health care providers can get paid on the spot.  The prisons have also determined that they will be microchipping all the inmates.  The microchips will have gps tracking too, in case you get lost, of course.  The microchipping is slated to begin “no later than” thirty six (36) months after the law passes (HR 3200), which puts the date in March 2013.


An addendum to HR 3200 was issued (HR 4872) which makes the law include all student loans and pell grants.  It also stipulates the date the microchipping is to begin as December 31, 2012. In this addendum, it states that if one is a “nonresident alien” (one who is a citizen of another country) and their home country does not agree to the microchip, then the nonresident alien does not have to accept it.  Every country on the planet is a member of the United Nations, and they can’t refuse it because of the debt that it owes to the government, or to the United Nations. 


A law has also been passed called the NDAA (National Detention Authorization Act).  This law enables the US government to arrest and detain virtually anyone for little or no reason.  The smokescreen for this law is “suspected terrorism”.  According to the NDAA, you are a “suspected terrorist” if you have more than a seven (7) day supply of food in your house, are against abortion, have strong religious beliefs, have fingers missing on any hand, and a number of other vague descriptions.  So you don’t have to actually do anything, just fit their description, which is vague, at best.  In this law, it practically spells out how they are going to pretty much destroy Africa and all its inhabitants.


Add to all that the Executive Order that was issued on March 16, 2012, wherein it states that the government is authorized to seize all food sources, both public and private, all water supplies, both public and private, all utilities, all transportation, all livestock, and all agriculture products, which includes all crops, seeds and farm equipment.  In this Order, it also states that the government is purchasing all bank loans.  So if you have a mortgage they own your house.  If you have a business loan, they own your business.  If you have a car loan, they own your car. 


In the background, the US government has quietly built more than 130 “detention centers” which are nothing less than prisons.  And they are now all fully staffed and waiting to be filled up.  How many can honestly say that they are aware that inmates are traded on the stock market?  Well they are.  Just how much will that stock price rise when they fill up all those other prisons?


In addition to that, FEMA has ordered thousands of coffins, which are being mass produced and set aside.  The USDA has order 326 thousand rounds of ammunition, and Homeland Security   has ordered 450 million rounds of ammunition. FEMA has also ordered 14 million emergency meals.  Just what are they preparing for?  And why would the USDA need ammunition?


It would appear to me that the government is literally creating a famine.  They have stopped wells in Colorado, and now the cropland looks like a desert, and nothing can be grown.  Yet the water underground is so plentiful that it’s flooding basements in many homes in the area.  The flooding in the Midwest ensures that no crops will be grown for a number of years in those areas that were flooded.  It has been said that the government has a machine that causes certain weather “phenomenoms”, such as thunderstorms.  Considering all the other technology, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised. 


When you step back and look at all those things, you have to realize that enslavement is coming.  Oh, you can close your eyes and ears, and pretend that it’s not going to happen.  But that won’t stop it.  One day when you least expect it, there will be martial law.  And anyone who refuses to take the microchip (have it inserted in their hand) will become an outlaw, and will be hunted.  If found, they will be arrested, if they are not killed.


According to the US Army Internment & Resettlement Operations manual (FM 3-39.40), they are supposed to treat those who are “captured” humanely.  But when there is a state of war, very often that is not the case.  If you think that there will not be a “state of war” then you are sadly mistaken.  There would be no need for such an operation without a state of war.  Only this time, the war is against the US citizens.


The point of this all is to reduce the number of people on the planet first, and to totally control the ones who are remaining.  There are currently seven (7) billion people on the planet, and they want to reduce that number to two (2) billion.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s my understanding that whenever someone controls another, the other is a slave to the first.  So what we have is the enslavement of all US citizens, at least the ones that are not killed.  Ask anyone who is in prison, or has been to prison, and they will tell you that the prison systems are nothing less than slave camps.  The inmates grow crops and make things (like furniture) and they sell the products to the public.


It is no coincidence that food is modified, and poisoned with chemicals.  Nor is it a coincidence that drug manufacturers are highly promoting drugs which have killed, and continue to kill people.  In fact, the conditions that most people have that cause them to take drugs are rarely the cause of the people dying.  In most cases, the drugs are the cause. 


Beef and chicken are pumped up with steroids and antibiotics.  It is not natural for a chicken to go from being born to adulthood in one week.  It takes a whole year for a chicken to grow to adulthood.  Yet chickens are now mass produced, and are fully grown in a week rather than a year.  And folks wonder why our 10 year old girls have bosoms like grown women. 


Look at the diet of most Americans.  A hundred years ago, many diseases were practically unheard of.  That’s because the diet was different back then.  Nowadays people have a high sugar diet, with little fiber.  Add to that the modified vegetables, processed meats, and chemically modified foods, and you have the makings for food poisoning over the long term.  And the people  are contracting all sorts of diseases as a result, requiring drugs to control the symptoms.  And the end result is death.  Yet the media and advertising campaigns promote the unhealthy diet as if it were a good thing. 


So what we have here is the enslavement of the entire population in America.  At least those that remain after the rest are killed off.   These are just some of the facts which could be much more elaborately described and expounded upon.